[JOINT RELEASE] Telexistence to Begin Installing AI Robot “TX SCARA” in 300 FamilyMart Stores

Telexistence and FamilyMart today announced the mass deployment of its originally developed AI robot “TX SCARA” and the in-store task analysis system “TX Work Analytics” into 300 FamilyMart stores starting later this month.

Reducing Store Expenses and Achieving Higher Quality Store Operations with “TX SCARA” and “TX Work Analytics”

TX SCARA was created to do the specific task of restocking refrigerated shelves with bottles and cans, a repetitive, tedious job generally performed by employees in often uncomfortable settings. TX SCARA operates 24/7, replenishing shelves to completely removes the task from the store staff. The introduction of Telexistence robots and its AI system will create time surplus without adding employees, and the time can be reallocated to customer service and shop floor enhancement, leading to higher quality work environment and store operations.

Bundled with the robot, Telexistence will also introduce the workflow analysis tool “TX Work Analytics” into FamilyMart stores. By having store staff wear the location information transmitter, this tool visualizes the types of in-store tasks and workload by time of day. TX Work Analytics will enable optimization of work schedules and staff allocation in the environment where the AI robot performs the shelf restocking tasks in the back storage areas.

The implementation of AI robots in FamilyMart stores will allow retailers to take advantage of the newly created time and economic surplus in the store environment. Retailers can focus on further improvements in the store environment for both employees and customers, as well as the profitability of each store.

See Telexistence Press Kit for more photos.