Telexistence Inc. appoints Takeo Kanade, Professor at Carnegie Mellon University, as Artificial Intelligence Technology Advisor

Telexistence Inc. (Headquarters: Minato-ku, Tokyo; CEO: Jin Tomioka; hereinafter referred to as TX Inc.) has appointed Takeo Kanade as its Artificial Intelligence Technology Advisor. Takeo Kanade is U.A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor at Carnegie Mellon University in the U.S. and is a world-renowned scientist in a wide range of fields including artificial intelligence and robotics.

TX Inc is confident that Dr. Takeo Kanade’s knowledge, experience and network will be crucial for not only the company’s success but also be an essential factor for Japan to again be at the forefront of technology in the world.

In conjunction with the announcement, we have created an advisor’s page on our website. Please find the advisor’s page here,

Comments from Takeo Kanade:

“I feel confident that by having a product that combines the controllability of robots with a futuristic technology like Telexistence together with a solution that enables implementation of that product into a scene so intimate to everyday human life like a storefront, can be the next breakthrough that shapes our near future. I look forward in seeing TX Inc’s continuous innovation and solid technological advancement. “

Dr. Takeo Kanade, Biography

Takeo Kanade is the U. A. and Helen Whitaker University Professor of Computer Science and Robotics at Carnegie Mellon University in the US, Invited Distinguished Professor, Institute for Advanced Study, Kyoto University, and Senior Advisor at Center for Advanced Integrated Intelligence Research, RIKEN, in Japan. He received his Doctoral degree in Electrical Engineering from Kyoto University, Japan, in 1974. After holding a faculty position in the Department of Information Science, Kyoto University, he joined Carnegie Mellon University in 1980. He was the Director of the Robotics Institute from 1992 to 2001, and a founding Director of Quality of Life Technology Research Center from 2006 to 2012. He also founded the Digital Human Research Center in Tokyo and served as the founding director from 2001 to 2010.

Professor Kanade works in multiple areas of robotics: computer vision, multi-media, manipulators, autonomous mobile robots, medical robotics, and sensors. Dr. Kanade’s name is associated with several well-known systems and algorithms, most notably: the NAVLAB Autonomous Driving Car Project which led to the “No Hand Across America” demonstration in 1995; the Lucas-Kanade optical flow algorithm as one of the most fundamental and widely used algorithms in computer vision; and the EyeVision, a movie Matrix-like replay system used in Super Bowl XXXV, as a then-new currently-popular multi-camera sport media. He is one of the top computer scientists in terms of impact factor (h-index) with his more than 300 journal publications and more than 100 thousand citations.

Professor Kanade has been elected to the National Academy of Engineering, and to the American Academy of Arts and Sciences in the United States, and also designated as a Person of Cultural Merit from Japan. Many awards he received include Kyoto Prize (2016), Franklin Institute Bower Prize (2008), IEEE Founders Medal (2017), ACM/AAAI Allen Newell Award (2011), and IEEE Robotics and Automation Society Pioneer Award (2006), IEEE PAMI-TC Azriel Rosenfeld Lifetime Accomplishment Award (2007), Joseph Engelberger Award (1995), Okawa Award (2007), and Tateishi Grand Prize (2010).

Company:Telexistence Inc.
Address:2-19-5 3F, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representatives :Jin Tomioka, CEO
Established:January 23, 2017


Announcing Series A Funding, and Debt Financing from MUFG Bank

Telexistence Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Jin Tomioka; hereinafter “TX Inc”) announced today that it has completed its Series A round of financing.

Airbus Ventures led the investment round with participation from existing and new investors, KDDI Open Innovation Fund, Innovation Platform for the University of Tokyo (U Tokyo IPC), DEEPCORE Inc, Monoful Inc. (Group company of GLP Japan), Japan Science and Technology Agency (JST), JTB Corp, Maeda Corporation and Mizuho Capital Co., Ltd.. TX Inc. has also raised debt financing from MUFG Bank.
(Funding amount undisclosed.)

Airbus Ventures Partner, Lewis Pinault will join TX Inc.’s Board of Directors as an external board member.

TX Inc. develops remote-controlled robots, Wings of Liberty, that release humans from physical constraints and corporate activities from revenues’ regressive effects, utilizing Telexistence® technology, robotics, telecommunication, VR, haptics and AI. This round of financing will help the company accelerate its product and business development as well as recruit the best talent on the planet. TX Inc. continues to push the fundamental state of art forward.

  • Comments from investors

Dr. Lewis Pinault, Airbus Ventures Partner in Tokyo remarks, “At Airbus Ventures we’re particularly excited to see this brilliant convergence of all the strengths of the University of Tokyo’s Tachi Lab, the superbly relevant capabilities of our co-investors in telecom connectivity, AI and robotics, and above all the technical and entrepreneurial wherewithal represented by Telexistence’s founders and diverse, richly talented team.”

Airbus Ventures’ CEO Thomas d’Halluin adds, “We’re proud to lead this important round and join the board of a company pioneering the actual commercial deployment of a human/ robotic avatar capability, and we look forward to promoting the many potential Telexistence applications throughout our Airbus mothership network.”

Naohiro Mizumoto, Principal at U Tokyo IPC remarks, “Telexistence, as indicated in the company name, is a concept proposed by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo 38 years ago, and has been studied for many years. The concept and application of telexistence cover a broad spectrum, however, we believe that the automation application has the potential to transform the current concept of robots, as it has a completely different approach in bringing automation to industries. There are still obstacles to overcome, but together with CEO Jin Tomioka and the team, U Tokyo IPC aims to pursue this quest.”

Eiji Toyokawa , Group Leader at KDDI Open Innovation Fund remarks, “We are very excited to have participated in TX Inc.’s Series A round. KDDI will create new values by promoting co-creation of robotics businesses in the 5G era, together with TX Inc..”

Hiro Watanabe, Manager, Incubation & Investment at DEEPCORE Inc. remarks, “We highly value the capabilities that CEO Jin Tomioka and the TX Inc. team has in technology, product design and business development. DEEPCORE is committed to supporting the company’s mission to solve industry problems through their remote-controlled robots.”

Yosuke Fujioka, President, Monoful Inc. remarks, “We highly value TX Inc.’s remote-controlled robots and its technology, and anticipate this will become a solution for the pressing issue of lack of labor in the logistics field.”

  •  Lewis Pinault Biography

Dr. Lewis Pinault is an Airbus Ventures Partner based in Tokyo, managing the Asia Pacific region, and now joins the board of Telexistence. Previously, Lewis was a NASA researcher, and Financial Institutions Partner at Coopers & Lybrand in Singapore and Hong Kong, beginning his early consulting career at The Boston Consulting Group in Tokyo. His lifelong passions for exploring the oceans and space seeking the most advanced technologies available first brought him to Asia as an engineer and corporate planning analyst with Nihon Kokan. In Japan Dr. Pinault also serves as a director on the board of satellite ground stations innovator Infostellar.

Lewis earned his bachelor of science at MIT, completed his MSc at London School of Economics as a Fulbright Scholar, and was a NASA Space Grant Fellow at the University of Hawaii, where he completed his juris doctorate in international law and planetary geophysics.

Reference: About the Telexistence® technology
Telexistence® is a concept of using a remote robot as his or her extended being, to release humans from space-time constraints. It was first proposed by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo in 1980. It is an evolutionary form of a master-slave robot system where the operator receives sensor information from the remotely located robot and controls the robot to conduct remote tasks.

It is based on the knowledge, technology and know-how of robotics, virtual reality, telecommunication, human interface, cognitive psychology such as humanoid robot mechanism, control, visual, auditory, tactile sensing, human movement measurement, visual, auditory, tactile presentation to humans and data transmission.

<About Us>
Company :Telexistence Inc.
Address :2-19-5 3F, Nishishinbashi, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representatives :Jin Tomioka, CEO
:Charith Fernando, CTO
Established :January 23, 2017



TELEXISTENCE株式会社 (以下简称TX Inc)今日宣布已完成A轮融资。

该轮融资以Airbus Ventures领投,由KDDI Open Innovation Fund,Innovation Platform for the University of Tokyo (东大IPC),DEEPCORE株式会社,Monoful株式会社(日本GLP株式会社集团企业),国立研究开发法人科学技术振兴机构(JST)、JTB株式会社、前田建设工业株式会社、瑞穗证券株式会社等投资者参投,以及三菱UFJ银行的债务融资(本次融资金额未公开)。

此外,本次融资之后,Airbus Ventures的合伙人, Lewis Pinault先生将就任TX Inc.外部董事。

TX Inc利用TELEXISTENCE®远程存在技术、机器人设计、实时通信、虚拟现实、触觉技术和人工智能等技术,开发了远程控制机器人,自由之翼(Wings of Liberty),即操作人员通过远程机器人接收传感器信息,并控制机器人执行远程任务,使人类活动打破时间和地理位置的限制,应用场景极其广阔。本次融得的资金将帮助公司加速产品开发和业务拓展,并用于招募全球优秀的顶尖人才。


“有东京大学Tachi研究室的多年研究,有实时通信、人工智能等所有相关领域的重要研发技术,还有优质的投资家和高配创业团队,所有优势都在这里集结,为此我感到非常兴奋。”——Airbus Ventures: Lewis Pinault

“能够领导这次重要融资,并成为一家旨在将机器人商业化的先驱企业董事会成员,我们感到非常自豪。我们也非常期待在Airbus的帮助下TELEXISTENCE可以在更多潜在领域得到运用。”——Airbus Ventures CEO: Thomas d ‘ Halluin

“TELEXISTENCE 是由东京大学名誉教授馆暲先生38年前提出并一直研究的技术主题。虽然此概念和应用涵盖了广泛的领域,但是我们相信,远程技术与自动化的结合,一定会以和传统工业机器人完全不同的方式,来变革机器人产业。虽然未来有很多障碍,但东大IPC会和首席执行官富冈仁先生及其优秀的管理团队会一同迎接挑战。”——水本尚宏先生:U Tokyo IPC

“我们非常自豪能够参与TX Inc的A轮融资。今后,KDDI将与TX公司共同促进5G时代机器人的应用, 创造全新的体验价值。”——丰川荣二先生,KDDI Open Innovation Fund负责人



Lewis Pinault简历:

Lewis Pinault先生是Airbus Ventures合伙人,常驻东京,负责整个亚太地区的管理工作,现在就任Telexistence株式会社的外部董事。此前,他在东京波士顿咨询集团开启早期的咨询生涯,后担任NASA研究员,以及新加坡和香港Coopers & Lybrand(现PwC)合伙人。他对太空及海洋探索充满热情,并在新日铁钢管公司(纤维JFE工程公司)担任工程师,同时兼任Infostellar公司的外部董事,负责太空通信业务。

Lewis Pinault先生在麻省理工学院获得学士学位,在伦敦经济学院获得经济学硕士学位。而后在夏威夷大学担任美国宇航局太空特邀研究员,并在那里完成了国际关系法和行星物理学的博士学位。


TELEXISTENCE Inc.(简称TX-Inc.)今日宣布已从KDDI的企业风投基金KDDI Operating Innovation Fund(简称“KOIF”),Global Brain 6(简称“GB6”)和国立研究开发法人科学技术振兴机构(简称“JST”)筹集了种子轮资金(本次融资金额未公开)。

“TELEXISTENCE”是1980年由东京大学名誉教授即TX-Inc.董事长馆暲博士(Susumu Tachi)首次提出的理念, 其中TELEXISTENCE远程存在是指利用远程机器人作为人类分身,使人类可以免受时间和空间的限制,在远程环境中自由行动,而TELEXISTENCE则是实现这一伟大想法研究而得的技术系统。TX-Inc.的使命便是将其落地为一种实用技术,以显著改善人类生活,组织和社会。


揭面可大规模生产的远程机器人原型Model H

Telexistence株式会社(以下简称TX-Inc)开发了可大规模生产的远程机器人MODEL H,该原型使用了远程控制技术,该技术融合了Telexistence®技术,虚拟现实,实时通信,云计算和触觉技术等。


Model H的特性:

基于商业化理念,我们提升了Model H的易用性和耐用性,缩短了程序的启动时间,运用了创新的实时云计算服务,以实现更高效的机器人远程操控。

以下是Model H的具体特征:


  1. 控制计算机,红外3D位置测量,头戴式VR可视设备和触觉手套,设计紧凑,集成一体,方便携带。
  2. 触觉呈现设备的模块化和UI/UX的改进。


  1. 运用网络进行低延迟视听/触觉传输
  2. 适用于大规模生产的机械设计
  3. 商业化外观设计
  4. 远距离移动灵活性
  5. 负荷重量的显著增加
  6. 支持电池供电

此外,今年正值小笠原群岛回归日本50周年,TX-Inc将以“TELEXISTENCE TRAVEL”为主题,在 2018年夏季举办Model H机器人的虚拟旅行体验活动,让普通用户可以通过Telexistence®技术来体验机器人的远程操作,身在东京不出远门也可以体验小笠原群岛的碧海蓝天和独特景致。TX-Inc正在与小笠原群岛的观光资源、KDDI株式会社、东急不动产株式会社(正以先进技术规划通往该岛入口的竹芝地区发展)、鹿岛建设株式会社、以及一般社团法人CiP协议会共同商讨实施方案。

Unveiling a mass production prototype for MODEL H

Telexistence Inc. (Headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO Jin Tomioka, / CTO Charith Fernando; hereinafter TX Inc.) has developed a mass production prototype for MODEL H, that uses remote control technologies utilizing the Telexistence® technology, VR, telecommunication, cloud and haptics.


In the current robot industry, FA robots occupy a large market share. However, we have a clear vision to create new markets that utilize the Telexistence® technology, VR, telecommunication, cloud, haptics and AI and to pass down businesses and technologies that would become assets for the next generation. Augmentation of human capabilities and presentation of new connectivity are indispensable for dramatic improvement of human life and sophistication of industries.


Features of MODEL H

With commercialization in mind, MODEL H has improved ease of use and durability, shortened boot time and startup time, sophisticated design, proprietary cloud infrastructure and will be mobile and internet-ready.


The main specific features are as follows.

Cockpit side (operation side)
・Control computer, infrared 3D location measurement, VR and haptic device in portable case, made significantly compact.
・Modularization of haptic presentation device and improvement of UI / UX


Robot side
・Low-latency audiovisual / haptic transmission using the internet
・Mechanical design optimized for mass production
・Exterior design assuming commercialization
・Wheel-enabled mobility to experience moving around remote places
・Significant increase in portable weight


In addition, TX Inc. will hold events that enable customers to experience the Telexistence® technology-based robot and its remote control capabilities in summer 2018. As part of the initiatives to commemorate the 50th anniversary of the return of the Ogasawara Islands to Japan, we are considering a tour experience of TELEXISTENCE TRAVEL, tourism resources in Tokyo Ogasawara Islands, jointly with KDDI Corporation (Headquarters; Tokyo, Japan; President Makoto Takahashi), our strategic investor, Tokyu Land Corporation (Headquarters; Tokyo, Japan; President Yuji Okuma), that operates urban development with advanced technology in the Takeshiba area, the gateway to the islands, Kajima Corporation (Headquarters; Tokyo, Japan; President Yoshikazu Oshimi) and CiP, Contents innovation Program (Headquarters; Tokyo, Japan; Board Chair Ichiya Nakamura).



Reference: About the Telexistence® technology
Telexistence® is a concept of using a remote robot as his or her extended being, to release humans from space-time constraints. It was first proposed by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus Professor of the University of Tokyo in 1980. It is an evolutionary form of a master-slave robot system where the operator receives sensor information from the remotely located robot and controls the robot to conduct remote tasks.


It is based on the knowledge, technology and know-how of robotics, virtual reality, telecommunication, human interface, cognitive psychology such as humanoid robot mechanism, control, visual, auditory, tactile sensing, human movement measurement, visual, auditory, tactile presentation to humans and data transmission.


【About Us】
Company :Telexistence Inc.
Address :5-4-27 Barbizon104 804, Minami Aoyama, Minato-ku, Tokyo
Representatives :Jin Tomioka, CEO, Charith Fernando, CTO
Established :January 23, 2017




【For Press】
Link :

EY Innovative Startup 2018获赏

Telexistence株式会社在由EY安永主办的“EY Innovative Startup 2018”的10大领域、21家初创企业中,作为机器人VR领域的初创者荣获年度创新型企业的殊荣。

关于EY Innovative Startup

EY Innovative Startup是由安永(Ernst&Young ShinNihon LLC)主办,旨在表彰热门趋势领域中具有引领未来科技发展潜力的初创企业。



Inbound(集客) / Health Care(医疗保健)/ AI(人工智能) / Robot,VR(机器人,虚拟现实)/ Enterprise(企业运营与革新)/ Food Tech(食品技术)/ Construction(建筑) / Logistics & Energy(物流与能源) / Child Rearing(育儿) / Electronic Commerce(电子商务)


安永是指 Ernst & Young Global Limited 的全球组织,是世界四大会计师事务所之一,也是全球领先的审计、税务、财务交易和咨询服务机构之一。安永可指其一家或以上的成员公司,各成员公司都是独立的法人公司。欲了解更多信息,请访问

登台Global Brain Alliance Forum并获奖

Global Brain Alliance Forum 2017年12月9日于东京六本木之丘召开,TELEXISTENCE株式会社CEO富冈仁先生出席了活动并参与了主题演讲。此外,还获得了约700名观众投票票数第一的最佳人气奖。

Global Brain Alliance Forum是“全球创业公司”和“大公司”的年度聚会活动 ,邀请各行业专家就未来风险市场、经济和技术趋势发表主题演讲和小组讨论。在此次论坛中,富冈仁先生分享了公司对TELEXISTENCE技术的研发成果以及对未来技术和行业发展的影响。



NVIDIA “Inception Program” partner selection

Telexistence Inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Jin Tomioka / CTO: Charith Fernando; hereinafter “TX Inc”), providing a new cloud-based solution and service for consumers and industries to control robotics and sensing technology, announced today that it was selected as partner company of NVIDIA – the world’s largest GPU maker – in their “Inception program”. TX Inc. will put the NVIDIA Inception program to good use by accelerating research and development of efficient and low-latency image processing algorithms for cameras used in robotics, and for cloud-based machine learning applications of data accumulated from robots and their human operators.


【About NVIDIA Inception program】

Inception nurtures dedicated and exceptional startups who are revolutionizing industries with advances in AI and data science. This virtual accelerator program helps startups during critical stages of product development, prototyping, and deployment.

Every startup gets a custom set of ongoing benefits, from hardware grants and marketing support to training with deep learning experts.


【About Telexistence】

“Telexistence” is a concept that was first proposed in 1980 by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo and the chairman of TX Inc., which refers to the notion of human beings in effect being in a place other than where he or she actually exists and being able to act freely in that remote environment – essentially expanding the presence of human beings – as well as the technological systems that make this possible. In fact, operator remotely manipulates and controls a robot located in other place with visual, auditory and tactile information the robot has.


【About Telexistence Inc.】

Company name             : Telexistence Inc.

Headquarters                : Japan

Representatives            : CEO Jin Tomioka / CTO Charith Fernando

Founded                      : January 23, 2017

URL                            :



mail                            :


我们非常荣幸地宣布TELEXISTENCE Inc.(以下简称TX Inc.) 被成功纳入美国最大GPU制造商NVIDIA的初始加速计划。

TX Inc.将充分利用NVIDIA这项计划,加速开发机器人视觉摄像头和低延迟图像处理算法,并通过收集机器人端和操作端的数据,来实现云计算为基础的机器学习。