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TELEXISTENCE inc. (headquarters: Tokyo, Japan; CEO: Jin Tomioka / Charith Fernando; hereinafter “TX inc”) announced today that it has raised funding from KDDI’s corporate venture fund KDDI Open Innovation Lab (hereinafter “KOIF”), Global Brain 6 (hereinafter “GB6”) and the Japan Science and Technology Agency (hereinafter “JST”).

“TELEXISTENCE” is a concept that was first proposed in 1980 by Dr. Susumu Tachi, Professor Emeritus of the University of Tokyo and the chairman of TX inc, which refers to the notion of human beings in effect being in a place other than where he or she actually exists and being able to act freely in that remote environment – essentially expanding the presence of human beings – as well as the technological systems that make this possible.
Our mission at TX inc is to turn this into a practical technology to dramatically change lives, organizations, and society.

Based on Dr. Tachi’s theoretical and experimental studies over the years, TX inc aims to develop telexistence robots, online remote control robotics technologies, and a communication module cloud system that transmits, accumulates and analyzes everything from visual and auditory to tactile information. To this end, the company has successfully raised funding from the above strategic investors.


Company name : TELEXISTENCE inc.
Headquarters : Japan
Representatives : CEO Jin Tomioka / CTO Charith Fernando
Founded : January 23, 2017
Description : Development and sales of robotics and cloud
  & data analytic services using telexistence technology.


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【KDDI Open Innovation Fund】

Name : KDDI Open Innovation Fund II
Fund Manager : Global Brain Corporation
Total amount managed : five (5) billion JPY

【Global Brain 6】

Name : GB-Ⅵ Growth Fund Investment Limited Partnership
Fund Manager : Global Brain Corporation
Total amount managed : Approximately 20 billion JPY

【Global Brain Corporation】

Corporate Name : Global Brain Corporation
Address : 10-11 Sakuragaokacho, Shibuya-ku, Tokyo 150-0031, Japan
Representative : Yasuhiko Yurimoto (President and CEO)
Date established : January, 1998
Primary Business : Venture Capital Business

【Japan Science and Technology Agency】

Corporate Name : Japan Science and Technology Agency
Address : Kawaguchi Center Building
: 4-1-8, Honcho, Kawaguchi-shi, Saitama 332-0012, Japan
Representative : Michinari Hamaguchi (President)
Date established : 1996
Primary Business : Creation of Innovation in Science and Technology
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